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Exclusive Services and Pricing

Please find the current services we offer.  We can tailor services to your requirement for your needs.  We offer staging and post-editing services, as well as commercial reels,  just contact us.

Commerical Promotion Reel

This package includes up to: 
1-hour of pilot and drone hire

1-hour site staging

120-sec reel, including exterior fly-in to site location and interior reel

color correction and with music

Price:  from $190


Real Estate

This package includes up to:

1-hour of pilot and drone hire

1-hour site staging

180-sec video reel, including interior and exterior footage and location placing with color correction

Price:  from $250 per property

Day rate Pilot and Drone $650 up to 3 properties

Have more than 3 properties contact us for pricing.



Available for Wedding and Corporate Events, prices can vary depending on complexity, so please contact us to make your next event memorable with shoots only we can deliver! 


Mapping Services

Mapping allows you to see exactly what you have on your property. It gives up-to-date information compared with Google Maps and involved the taking of many hi-resolution photos from above and then stitching them together to map a large hi-resolution map.

You can:

Counting inventory

Manage logistics

Measure and evaluate land usage

See the progress of a project

Contacts us to see how we can help you!

Let's Work Together

Contact us for fast efficient reliable service and see how we can help you on your next project.

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